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Project Description
PowerShell Symbol Store (PSSymbolStore) is a combination of Powershell cmdlets that implement the functionality of the "symstore" utility (included in the Debugging Tools for Windows) and the Symbol Store Manager - a WinForms GUI application for interacting with a symbol store.

The only prerequisite is installing Microsoft's Debugging Tools for Windows. This requirement might be removed in the future, but for now, it's required.

PSSymbolStore Cmdlets
The PSSymbolStore PowerShell snap-in includes the following cmdlets used for administering a symbol store. These cmdlets mimic the functionality provided by the "symstore" utility included with the Debugging Tools for Windows.
Full PowerShell-based help is available for all the cmdlets, simply type "get-help [cmdlet name]" to view more detailed information about each cmdlet.
  • Add-Symbols - Adds symbols to the symbol store
  • Get-Transaction - Retrieves some or all of the transactions from a symbol store
  • Remove-Transaction - Deletes transaction(s) from a symbol store
  • Lock-Transaction - Locks transaction(s), preventing them from being deleted with the Remove-Transaction cmdlet
  • Unlock-Transaction - Unlocks transaction(s), allowing them to be deleted with the Remove-Transaction cmdlet

Symbol Store Manager
The Symbol Store Manager is a Windows Forms GUI application that encapsulates the functionality of the PowerShell cmdlets, enabling a friendlier way of managing a symbol store. If you have feedback on the UI, please add a discussion item under the "Discussions" area for this project - it's really basic right now. I have some ideas for it, but am always looking for other input.

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